Yogame are providers of Corporate Yoga within the Milton Keynes area, offering a successful bespoke service that reflects the needs of both the organisation and their employees.

The results of the May 2018 ‘Health and Well-being at Work’ report by the CIPD and Simply Health reveals that the current average of employee absence is 6.6 days per employee per year, an increase of 0.3 days, thus equating to an median cost of £3,762 per employee per annum (an estimated £20 billion cost to the economy). The report also shows that mental ill health is an even more significant issue for organisations than it was in 2016, over a fifth (22%) now report that mental ill health is the primary cause of long-term absence compared with 13% in 2016, with 6% reporting musculoskeletal injuries, including back and neck pain as a cause of absence.

With an ageing population, increasing workloads and economic uncertainty with what Brexit means to the local and global market, there has never been a more important time to invest in your employee’s health and well-being. With that in mind, Corporate Yoga is a perfect and cost-effective solution to improving the mental health and well-being of your team, as well as assisting in the recovery of musculoskeletal pain, decreasing work-related stress and improve productivity.

As a fully qualified member of Yoga Alliance and 20 years’ experience within the health & fitness industry, Yogame can offer regular tailored work-place Yoga classes as well as bespoke sessions as part of a team building event to help foster positive working relations and trust, reduce conflict and to help individuals build self-confidence.

Some useful facts that support Corporate Yoga.

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  • The number of people experiencing mental illness in the UK is 16 million, in fact, approximately one in four people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year, according to mental health charity MIND. However, alternative therapies supported by MIND, have shown that by practicing yoga has directly resulted in a reduction of symptoms in both depression and anxiety.
  • The UK government has brought yoga into prisons to helping calm the inmates, reduce emotional distress and improve impulse control. Following a study made by the Department of Psychiatry; Oxford University, preliminary evidence shows that Yoga practice progressively improves mood and decreases. (
  • By bringing yoga into the workplace and teach lunchtime classes or early morning classes before work starts, not only would this improve work productivity, but may start to influence the estimated £100 million cost to the UK economy on sickness absence..
  • In the Financial budget 2013, the Chancellor George Osborn, introduced a tax relief up to £500-worth of health-related interventions funded by employers in a move designed to tackle long-term sickness absence and help staff return to work.

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Conference Yoga

I’ve worked as a corporate event manager for over 15 years and being a yoga teacher and fitness professional I recognise the importance of movement. When delegates attend conferences and management meetings this results in sitting for up to 4 hours at a time with only short breaks in between, not only is this uncomfortable for the body it actually makes us feel fatigue, sluggish as lethargic. This is why it is really important to get our bodies moving.

We offer yoga sessions during conference breaks and/or as a team building exercise. These sessions will include, meditation, breath work, movement and a short relaxation suitable for all bodies. Not only is it healthy to keep the body moving it is essential for everyone’s wellbeing and improves concentration and productivity.

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