Day Time
Monday 18.30 – 19.30 Vinyasa Flow Bletchley Leisure Centre All Levels
Wednesday 18.30 – 19.30 Vinyasa Flow Bannatynes, Milton Keynes (PRIVATE MEMBERS ONLY) All Levels
Wednesday 19.45 – 20.45 Vinyasa Flow Bletchley Leisure Centre (Non members and members welcome) All Levels
Sunday 10.30 – 12.00 Vinyasa Flow Bannatynes, Milton Keynes (PRIVATE MEMBERS ONLY) All Levels

One to One Sessions

As well as the classes shown above, private one to one sessions are available upon request. I also teach One to One Thai Yoga Massage. Please contact me directly for more information.

Some Benefits of Private Yoga:

  • Schedule regular sessions at times most convenient for your hectic lifestyle
  • Tailor the postures to a specific health issue like low back pain or stress
  • Work towards mastering a challenging posture (like headstand or lotus)
  • Learn a custom sequence that you can practice at home
  • Class can take place in the comfort of your home
    Recommended for:
  • Beginners wishing to get the basics and set a strong foundation to their practice
  • Super Busy People who find it hard to fit in a class
  • Remedial – addressing specific injuries or health issues
  • Experienced yogis to deepen and expand their practice with specific adjustments
  • Brides to be – to calm pre-wedding nerves, give you beautiful posture, inner and outer confidence for your walk down the aisle.
  • Mums to Be – to ease the birth, relieve tiredness, increase your energy levels and enjoy a calm and serene pregnancy.
  • A Gift – for someone who could use a little TLC in their life.

Yoga Cost

1-1 session £30.00
2-1 session £50.00

About Tracey Killengray and Yogame

'Yoga' professional, teaching Yoga Classes in Milton Keynes and Yoga Classes in Bletchley. You can also connect with me on Facebook


  1. Mark Thorne

    Had private yoga sessions with you and found them extremely beneficial and relaxing. Great teacher, the classes I have attended have flowed, not like others that I have been to by other instructors. Loved the music in the class really fitted with the poses and movements. Friendly personality and helped with correction of yoga moves been experiencing back ache and your postural re-alignments helped bring this to a resolve.

  2. Moira Drayton

    I attended the 8 weeks beginners course. These sessions were very relaxed and accommodated all levels of fitness and mobility. Tracey was as excellent teacher who constantly gave the class reassurance and confidence and coach on a one to one basis when required.

    If yoga is something that you fancy taking up, I would definately choose these class’s. Who knows it could be something that keeps you fit for life!

  3. Jo Randall

    Tracey is a brilliant teacher with a lighthearted and warm approach who’s classes are very adaptable for all levels. We don’t do some of the weirder stuff like in other yoga classes of chanting and singing which I never enjoyed! The focus is yoga and you. I always leave with a smile and feeling light.

    I practice martial arts so for me yoga is a great compliment to my other training. I had suffered for many years with chronic back pain, at times i couldn’t stand for long or walk for any distance, it really became disabling. Then I turned to yoga in the hope of relief. The difference has been remarkable, since starting i have not seen a chiropractor or osteopath again and my pain has gone! Its unbelievable. My martial arts has also improved. I’m very happy I continued after my first class, which wasn’t easy but now the benefits are hard to ignore!

  4. Christine Haynes

    I attended the 8 week beginners course, I had never been to a yoga class before and found it thoroughly enjoyable. Tracey made everyone feel at ease with her friendly relaxed approach and I think that everyone should try yoga as it does not matter what age youi are or your fitness level, certainly something I would definately want to continue.

  5. Pamela Day

    Tracey is one of the most professional teachers I have ever met. Her passion for exercise shines through no matter what class she teaches. Her yoga classes leave you feeling relaxed & revived…you just want to go back for more!

  6. Maren Mattmuller

    I joined Tracey’s yoga classes at Bannatyne’s Health Club a few weeks ago and am very positively surprised. I have only ever practiced yoga alone or in a very small group and was skeptical how it would work in a gym environment in a bigger group. Tracey is a great teacher and makes sure that no one is left behind. She gives several degrees of complexity how to hold a pose and the choice of music makes me feel comfortable and relaxed.
    Although I am not native, her instructions are easy to understand and the sequences can be learned quickly. Giving also instructions on breathing the movements nearly flow on their own.

    Yoga is fantastic to keep body and mind in balance and Tracey is the definitely the right contact person to start and complement your yoga experience.

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